Frequently Asked Questions

Phase I: Reservation and Documentary Requirements


How can I reserve a unit at Zeppelin Suites?

A condominium unit may be reserved for thirty days by presenting a Reservation Fee or PHP 100,000 per unit, and the following documents:

  • Photocopy of two valid IDs (i.e. passport, driver’s license)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Reservation Agreement signed by buyer

Please submit the fee and the specified documents within thirty days; otherwise your reservation may be cancelled and the fee may be forfeited. In case you have problems acquiring the documents within the specified time or if you need assistance and clarification, please contact our Sales Department and we will be happy to help you.

What is a Reservation Agreement?

A Reservation Agreement is a document, which formally expresses the interest of the buyer in purchasing a unit. Its main purpose is for the unit to be set-aside for the client for a certain period of time (in this case, 30 days).

Is my Reservation Fee refundable?

As stipulated in the Reservation Agreement, the Reservation Fee is non-refundable.

Phase II: Payments


What kinds of payment are accepted?

The down payment, which is minimum of 35% of the contract price, can be paid in cash, personal check or a manager’s check.

What is my payment schedule? What kinds of Financing are available to me?

As specified in the buyer’s Reservation Agreement and the Contract to Sell, the full or partial minimum down payment of thirty five percent (35%), should be paid no later than thirty days from the date of reservation. We only have In-house Financing payment to cater and complete your full payment.

Upon full payment of the unit, Zeppelin Suites will commence the transfer of ownership of the unit to the buyer. Should you wish to opt for Zeppelin Suites to process the transfer, we shall be requiring your payment of a Transfer Fee, which will be used to formally reflect in the Condominium Certificate of Title your name as the legal owner of the property.

What shall I do if I want to change my payment terms or my condominium unit?

Zeppelin Suites charges a Restructuring Fee of PHP 10,000.00 per unit for request of change of term or change of condominium unit, except for the following case:

Upgrading to a larger unit within the same project

Change of term from In-House Financing to Bank within one year from the payment of the reservation fee.

If the request to change the payment term was made within the 30 day Reservation Period and the buyer has not yet signed the Reservation Agreement

What kinds of discounts are available?

For Cash buyers, the discounts for condominium units are Outright Cash: 5% Discount

Can I refund my down payment?

As a general rule, should the buyer decide to back-out of the transaction, the down payment will be forfeited in favor of Zeppelin Suites and is therefore non-refundable.


What expenses are included in the Association Dues and assessments billed by the Condominium Corporation?

Association Dues are collected monthly and they include the unit owner’s share of the following expenses:

  • Salaries and wages for the employees of the Condominium
  • Corporation, such as the Property Manager, security guards, property janitors, gardeners, etc.
  • Utility expenses for the common areas
  • Garbage Collection Fees
  • Office Expenses of the Property Management Office
  • Periodically, Association Dues are also used to pay for the following additional expenses:
  • Insurance expenses to cover the amenities and buildings in the project
  • Real estate taxes on the common areas and facilities
  • Major repairs and special maintenance of the buildings in the project, when necessary
  • Permits and license fees paid to the government

When do I start paying Association Dues?

Once the unit has been turned-over, the owner/tenant will be obliged to pay the association dues, whether the unit is occupied or not. (For example, if a unit has been turned over in January but the tenant does not move-in until February, the tenant is still obliged to pay the Association Dues for January.)

What will happen if I fail to pay my Association Dues on time?

The payment of Association Dues is the responsibility of the unit owner. Failure to make the payment on time will hamper the effectiveness and efficiency of the Property Management Office. This will, in turn, result in the deterioration of the project development in general, lowering the value of the condominium units in the property.

Therefore, for every delayed payment or nonpayment of Association Dues, a penalty fee will be added to the overdue amount for the next billing cycle. This penalty fee varies according to the rules and regulations of each specific condominium complex.

How much are the monthly Association Dues for each project/complex?

Please note that monthly dues are computed based on the total area (in square meters) of the unit you are purchasing, and that they are subject to change without notice from the Property Management Office.  The rate is PHP 55.00 per sq. meter per month.

For more updated rates, please contact the Property Management Office of the specific project you wish to inquire after.


What are my responsibilities as a unit owner?

According to Philippines law, upon acceptance of the unit, you automatically become a member of the condominium corporation. As such, the buyer is responsible for the following:

  • Association Dues
  • A one-time Membership Fee
  • Insurance Premium for the unit
  • The buyer’s share of the Insurance Premium for common areas and facilities
  • Real Property Tax
  • Other assessments deemed necessary by the Board of the Condominium such as repairs

Do I have to pay Real Property Tax?

As stipulated in the Contract to Sell (9.2), the purchaser shall immediately be responsible in paying the Real Property Tax from the date whichever is earlier of the actual acceptance or deemed acceptance of the buyer.

What are my rights as a unit owner?

As a unit owner you have the right to sell, transfer, lease or otherwise dispose of the condominium unit. You can mortgage, pledge or encumber the unit and have it appraised. You also have stockholder’s rights in the Condominium Corporation and can participate in the operation and decision-making processes of the condominium corporation.

Can I use my unit for commercial activities?

Zeppelin Suites units are registered as a residential development. Therefore no commercial activities are allowed within the condominium units.

If I have concerns as a unit owner, to whom shall I address them?

The most appropriate place to air your concerns is the local Property Management Office. Depending on the nature of your concerns, the PMO will either address them directly or refer you to the concerned groups such as Marketing, Sales, Construction or Treasury.


How do I get my own parking slot?

We don’t have available Parking slots for sale. Although there is a limited amount of parking slots in each development, the parking slots are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis.


Can I keep pets in my units?

As a general rule, pets are not allowed in condominium projects. It is usually not allowed because of noise disturbances, or the hygienic dangers of keeping animals in confined spaces. However, the Property Management Office of each development decides on the rules and regulations with regards to the keeping of pets; therefore, it is important to consult with your Property Manager first before making any decisions.

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